Well, we're getting there - about half way there.

It's not a perfect fit but the filler should take care of that.  So making the other foot, same as the first.

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Day two. I'm going to focus on the feet for a while, since that's probably going to be where I'm stuck the longest. More salvaging of parts, I think the shoulder mounts for Jazz might be perfect for the wheels to be able to fold away
And I think part of his feet might be a good fit too. I want some ankle articulation and it might just be perfect with what Jazz has on his 'toes'
I've got some hacking to do here and figuring out how to mount the legs, so updates to follow once I start sorting that all out.System.String[]

Not much time lately to work on him but I started trying to figure out his chest. I also picked up a perfectly sized custom head cast from Arte Loko Kustoms. Dude's got talent - FB / TFW


Well, it's been over 4 or 5 years since I bought the pieces... I guess I better work on this thing finally.  Free time being so limited, I really don't get to work on anything I'd like to but I have a week off of work so figured might as well give it a go.  

I bought a 1/24 scale new VW Beetle model kit off eBay.  It happens to have some parts to make a tuner styled car, which I thought might be cool to liven Bee up a little.

I bought a couple extra Alternators for parts (Tracks, Jazz, and a left over Sideswipe).  I originally planned on trying to follow the original Binaltech sketches for Bee in regards to transformation.  But I think it will be easier to follow MP Bee's transformation instead. So I start with drawing out my cut lines:

Then, start hacking away:

I'll make the other cuts I need later, this is good to start with for measurements and what not while I'm building.  I figure I'm going to use Alt Track's legs since they fold up nicely.  So I've ripped apart his torso to get at those.  Since I've hacked him up, I might as well start repurposing other parts.  

In MP Bee, the upper torso rotates around a pin for it to swing down and back for transformation.  I shouldn't have to worry about any hood pieces here with the new Beetle to fold away, so I'll focus just on that rotating bit.  I noticed that Track's arms are on a tab/slot joint and it looks like it might do the trick:

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Made some feet!  I used some parts from an ASOBLOCK figure, which is really just a bunch of ball joints and connectors.  I looks like it sits well, I just don't know how the weight & balance might affect it later on.  Time will tell.. 

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