Welcome to Project9Designs.com

11/29 - I haven't worked on the scratch thing recently. Since I'm stuck trying to merge it all together, I've lost my ambition on the project right now. I will get back into it, like, next year. =) I did, however, update the shop. It was a pain with all the PHP scripting, but it seems to be working perfectly. Check it out.

10/15 - Haven't had time to work on stuff. Put Royal Riches link back even though the scoring is messed up. My next step in this project is 1) Get Touchdown! done in honor of the unbeatable Patriots and 2) Figure out how to get all of these into one game/file/thing.

9/5 - Uploaded a new ticket - Cash Express. Check it out here. I haven't been working on stuff much, but this was easy.

8/24 - Had to take down $200 Grand yesterday. I f'ed up the scoring. It's fixed now.

8/20 - Uploaded a new ticket - $200 Grand. Give it a whirl at our Scratch N' Win page here.

8/18 - Hard at work. Uploaded 8-Ball ticket. Still working out the bugs.

8/16 - I got the High Scores working on all the tickets. Go and have fun!

8/15 - Wow. Things are progressing well. Uploaded Homerun in honor of the baseball season.

8/13 - Cold Cash is almost perfect. Working on cleaning things up and more tickets.

8/10 - Almost have the basics finished. I hope to have some working stuff soon...

8/5 - I'm attempting to recreate my old BBS Lottery Scratch Ticket game in Flash. Have some basic ideas, got the code starting, but I've never used Flash, so it's a crash course. We'll see what happens.